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My Son and I do a myriad of things related to Aviation. We do FAR training, aircraft pre-purchase inspections, creating data for Form 337 Field Approvals, Biennial Flight Reviews, Expert Witness testimony, Unapproved Parts inventory training and audits, creating FAA Repair Station manuals, FAR 135 manuals, and Inspection Authorization Renewal Seminars among others. Together we have over 75 years experience!

Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspections

Form 337 Field Approvals Consulting

A​viation Litigation  Consulting

FAR Training  for FAA Repair Stations

When I am called in to help a Repair Station it is usually because they are in trouble with the FAA. The reason 98% of the time is because the IA, Repairmen are not familiar with the FARs. The FAA fines for FAR violations are magnified for Repair Stations over individuals usually ten times! (Ref. FAA Order 2150-3) Not knowing the FARs can be costly!

Unapproved Parts /Inventory Audit Training

You ask yourself “Why do I need to know anything about Unapproved Parts? Aren’t they the same as “Aftermarket Parts”?  The answer is a resounding “NO”! In the aircraft business the use of unapproved parts, counterfeit parts or parts missing an FAA approval can not only be illegal but may seriously harm your aircraft, you or may even cause death. Defective aircraft parts, per the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), have been the cause of at least 166 incidents.

FAR Training for Aircraft Owners

One of the best thing an aircraft owner can do is to get some training in the FARs, why they need them, and how to work with their local FSDO. Having some knowledge of the FARs, where to find them and that they are the safety ticket (Get out of jail FREE card) to keeping their aircraft "Airworthy"! In  addition, knowing the FARs allows you to converse responsibly with those people maintaining your aircraft, and doing the job correctly.

 Our seminar is NOT sales pitches for products, but how a Repair Station, IA, A&P or repairmen  can do the job right, protect themselves, and sleep at night!  

We have been FAA approved since 1990 to conduct IA Renewal seminars both online and in person. These seminars focus mainly on the FARs pertaining to Mechanics with Inspection Authorization. The seminars include how the FARs relate to the inspection function, but also how the FAA Legal Interpretations and Advisory Circulars can be used. 

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