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Aviation Litigation Consultant

Through the years we have been contacted by people who have been in trouble and need help. They are either being sued or needed to help proving their side of the case. When that happens an Attorney may not be enough. The Attorney knows the legal aspect of it, court filings, how to litigate a case and such. But they may not know all the legalities of the FARs, how to work with the FAA, and the mechanics of the aircraft you own. 


  • Was something done according to the FARs? 
  • Did they cut corners to save costs?
  • Did they misrepresent an aircraft they were selling?

That’s when you need an Expert Witness!


We have represented either side or have acted as an Arbitrator. Consulting includes aircraft inspection and record audit to determine whether or not the aircraft in question was legally Airworthy at the time of an incident and/or filing of litigation.  Legal Airworthiness is defined in Blocks 5 and 6 of the Standard Airworthiness certificate – Condition for Safe Operation and Conforming with Type Design. That is, "are all the correct parts installed, and are they all within serviceable limits?"  The standard airworthiness certificate issued under FAR 21.183 for a new aircraft, is the birth certificate for an aircraft and can become invalid if work is not performed in compliance with the FARs.  This why the FAA mandates Annual Inspections. If your aircraft isn't "airworthy", your insurance is worthless!

The fees charged for inspection run from $150 per hour for research to $250 per hour for any testimony under oath. Travel expenses charged at cost with any mileage at the prevailing IRS rate.

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