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Peter M. Friedman

Peter has been in the aviation business since being discharged from the Navy in June,1965. In 2016 Peter received the FAA's Charles Taylor 50-Year Master Mechanic Award. Peter also speaks "Pilot" as he is not only an A&P with IA since 1978 and 1982 respectively, but also a CFII, AGI, and IGI since 1977. Peter has a storied aviation career;

  • He owned his own FAA Repair Station and parts manufacturing businesses for over 38 years.
  • He has been instrumental in turnaround situations with other Repair Stations involved in aircraft maintenance.
  • He has run FAR 135 Air Carrier Maintenance operations with both piston and turbine aircraft from single engine to Gulfstreams.
  • He has over 20 years experience with the C9 Program for the Navy, Air Force, and Marines, and the Hushkit Program for the USAF VC9C aircraft in the Air Force One fleet.

Peter has also been a FAA DAR, FAA DMIR, and a ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, ASQ Certified Quality Inspector, and ASQ Certified Quality Technician. Peter also has conducted FAA IA Renewal courses since 1990 devoted to explaining the aircraft maintenance and inspection FAA regulations. He also the website and .com.

Peter is a Vietnam War Navy Veteran.

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